Saturday, June 18, 2011


By the red dirt that is...

Cayuna Ride Days

Friday morning a few of the usual crew and a few others met at Colossal Cafe in South MPLS for breakfast. This was not to be our usual Friday Morning Ride. Those few others were a good amount of the Salsa crew. We were to load our bikes and head north to the freshly opened Cayuna Trail System near Crosby, MN.

The Cayuna Mountain Bike Trail System is a special one. Years of hard work with the Minnesota DNR has payed off. There have been many individuals involved and there is no way I could do justice to the work they have done.

Let's let the photos do the talking...


  1. Looks awesome! Must get me to Cayuna!!!

  2. Oh that red dirt and those red rocks bring back memories of home and riding the mine dumps as a youth. Can hardly wait to get up there and ride.