Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Glow.

Riding to work on Monday, out of the corner of my eye I saw an intense orange glow.

A Strange Glow

I turned to look and noticed that during this specific time of year, at this specific time in the morning, the sun is angled in just a way that it lights up the underside of this bridge where Nokomis lake spills into the Minnehaha Creek.

Morning Light

I thought, "I've got to bring a camera for this tomorrow," and committed it to memory and kept on my way to work.  All day I thought about the glow, the intensity of the sun's light, and the reflections off the water. 

Perfect Reflections

Tuesday morning on the way out the door I grabbed the camera and stuffed it into my pack pocket.  I arrived at Nokomis lake to catch the sun just as it was coming to full intensity under the bridge.  I could have spent the entire morning there, watching the light dance across the surfaces, studying the reflections on the water,  and following the fog as it burned off the warm lake.

Perfect Morning Ride

I'm committing these days to memory.  The sun's light basks the morning and evening in a deep orange glow this time of year.  It makes the changing of seasons, the time in between perfect fall days and white winter days, something to look forward to. 

This time of year, until the cold sets in and I adapt, it is difficult to stay motivated to get on the bike in the morning.  I cling to the warm days, but know the cold ones are coming.  Layer by layer the winter riding clothing comes out and I begrudgingly add the extra bulk.  My body feels the exhaustion of winter months coming on and my energy level is sinking.

I'll find my winter groove and I sure am looking forward to skiing again this winter.  Until then I'll keep looking for inspiration like the glow.