Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fields of Gold

Climbing out of Reliz Canyon on day one of the California Central Coast tour we encountered a road rarely traveled.  The summer's growth has turned to a field of gold, beautiful in the evening light.

Reliz Canyon

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Bright Light

I'm happily home from an incredible week in California.  First touring the California Central Coast with Erik Mathy, Gnat, and The Adventure Monkey; then meeting a few folks at the Pablove foundation, The Path Bicycle Shop, Topanga Creek Bicycles; and finally representing Salsa Cycles at a Ride the Divide premier in Santa Monica.

Sound like a whirlwind of a week?  It was, and it has left me inspired, motivated, and energized.  A bright light has come on.  There is so much opportunity to be captured by the experience.  Now it is time to organize, prioritize and make it happen.

Look for some future posts on the Central Coast Tour.  I'll cover the route, the gear, and the experience to be shared on the Salsa Cycles Blog.  As for the rest, we'll be sorting through that this coming week, but you will be seeing the outcome in the future for sure.

Today however was time to reconnect with Anni and Eli after being away from them.  They were a constant thread in my thoughts and conversations for the week.  It's good to be home, seeing our little man smile, and enjoying our little family.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A ride through the woods

With a stop at a lake

Sunrise on Namekagon

It sure has been awhile.  It's a bit difficult to put into words the experience of being a new dad.  It is an incredible experience and I'm loving it.  I have a back log of stories to tell, but there is no other place I'd rather be than where I am right now.