Thursday, August 19, 2010


First, something from Eric at Revelate Designs, upon his hearing of the name of the new Salsa Mukluk.

Next up, the bike.  Rides like a snow bike should, slow and steady.  That is unless I put my 29er wheelset on it.  Then it rides like a slow and stable 29er.

I've had it on bushwhack, sand, and chunk of the river bottoms for a few work commutes.  I've had it out on the singletrack.

So far, so good.  I can't wait for some winter epics!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Enough said. 

Eli Matthew Meiser, 6lbs. 13oz., Born 08.08.10.  He and mom are doing great!  Dad?  We'll see...

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I've been busy.  Ride, Work, Ride, Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat.  It seems that things have been go since mid-April.  Something going every weekend, or at least every other.  I've been stressed at times, but don't take pity...I do it to myself and it has all been in the pursuit of fun.

The ride season was full for me this year, packing in as many of the gravel road 100's and ultras in the region as possible.  It has left me yearning for singletrack.

Putting on two events was an interesting and rewarding experience.  Thank you for all that came out.  We will be doing both the Chequamegon 100 and the TransWisconsin again.  I can assure you that.  One day I'll even get around to writing about my own experience.

Anni and I have been trying to keep up with our garden.  With all the rain, it has been a challenge.  Anni's out picking nearly every morning when I get on the bike to work.  Growing some of our own food is very fulfilling.  There is nothing better than knowing the food on the table was the result of your own work.

Finally, the biggest change of all.  Very soon we'll welcome into our lives a new life.  We're anxiously awaiting meeting this little person and have been preparing in many ways.

Yes, what a spring and summer it has been.  Here's a few of the sights along the way, in no particular order.