Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DK 200: The Facts

Unbelievable!  Corey Godfrey rode like a god to take the win despite dealing with his own physical challenges.  I finished 6th, with Tim Ek, who finished 5th.  I am deep in recovery mode right now.  I was not prepared to ride in 95 degree heat with full exposure for 200 miles.  Up here in the great north we've had exactly one day near 90 and none above.  A strong will and a good riding partner in Ek helped get me to the finish.

For now, enjoy the data...It is very telling of how the day went if you dig a bit.


  1. Joe,
    Congrat's on an awesome performance. You rode strong all day... mentally and physically. Thanks for making the 9+ hour drive down. Your presence and support meant a lot to Joel and I. Good luck on your upcoming event. Wish my job situation would allow me to attend. Maybe next year.

    Jim C.

  2. nice job Joe,
    enjoy the fudge cakes.

  3. Joe, you and Eki rode a fantastic race. Awe inspiring for sure. I gotta tell ya though that post race you and Eki wandering around was a bit worrisome. I think you came in and out of Jimmy John's about six times looking like you were both lost.

    Glad you are okay and Congrats on the accomplishment!

  4. Hey Joe! Great seeing ya again. Stoked to see you and the rest of the Salsa crew make the trip down to Kansas. Way to fight through your own stomach issues to finish, and finish well!

    BTW, you are too kind. I'm no god, just a stubborn SOB. :)

    Take care and good luck with the Trans Wisconsin. I'm probably out for this year. :(

  5. @GT, Believe me, I was worried. I have never been so physically and mentally drained after an event. Not even days on the Divide, or TI rival the physical and mental anguish of the 2010 DK. I actually had thoughts out there about how much I take for granted the cool weather during TI. I would've traded the 95 degree heat for the rain we had this year no questions asked. I had other thoughts and visions out there as well of course...

  6. Well done, that's one hot day of riding!

    The course seems to have a lot of straight lines. I know from riding here (Holland) that it can be pretty tough going, especially with head winds.

    What's the next challenge on the agenda?

  7. You and Eki rode really well, Joe. It was good to see you guys down there. I know I certainly was suffering in the heat as well. Hopefully it'll help acclimate me for some races to come later in the season... We'll see.

    Have fun at Trans-WI.


  8. Joe, great ride (as always). The heat took it out of everyone this year. I managed to gut it out last year, but I did something wrong this year. Still trying to nail down what it was so I can learn from it and not make the same mistake again. I'm curious how your tire choice worked out?