Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Survival Kit...

It's rare that I do a simple copy/paste of someone else's work here. If I do it's because I respect that person and their expertise in the area. Aaron Teasdale is one of those people. Recently he posted a few photos of his "possibilities", or survival kit that he takes into the backcountry with him. Check it out:


His kit is nice and minimalist for a backcountry tour. It has many similarities to what I thought I needed during last year's Divide tour. However, for an Ultralight racing kit it has plenty of unnecessary items...Especially given that there is almost always a town within a day's reach and there is almost always redundancy in my pack.

This spring I'll get to my own summer 'survival kit' and post it up here. It's sparse, but includes the necessities to get me out of a jam, or keep me warm in one. Like say, the destruction of a drivetrain


Time for a ride. Albeit the daily commute to work.

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  1. lookng forward to this future post.

    I should probably post my own as well. Inspire me. ;)

    My kit is really really getting dialed in.