Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I think Winter's over...

Each and every morning I, like many others I work with, suit up for the bicycle ride to work. Getting on the bike is a psychological challenge after days of sub-zero temperatures. Those breaks in the temps, when they soar to the teens, are a time for rejoice. I was dreading this past winter's days of aching and tired legs before it even got under way. I was dreading the back and forth commutes along the same roads, on the same bike(I'm spoiled, I know).

To keep the winter doldroms at bay, Ryan and I made a pact that we would drive in early on Wednesdays, work a full day, and then hit the many kilometers of groomed ski trails right out our employers back door. Cross Country Skiing is new for me. Last year I purchased a used set of classics from Frank at Cyclova XC. I skied a few times last year, played around, but didn't really focus on anything more than getting out with friends.

This year, with Ryan and my pact I got out at least 10 times, once a week. With slightly more frequency I was able to get more comfortable on the skis and begin to build some basic foundation. Half way through the season another friend who has moved further south shipped me his skate setup to play on. Each time we got out I planned on bringing my camera, but rarely did. We would ski as the sunset over the park turning all a golden hue. Last week, the last week, was no different. The sun hangs a few minutes longer each night.

Sun, Lake, Tracks

Once a week, that was all it took to break the monotony and stimulate my brain with something new to learn. Each week I looked forward to the break from the bike and the time on the skis.

Self Portrait

Maybe next year it will be twice a week. Maybe.


  1. 「不可能」這個字詞,在聰明人的字典中是找不到的。........................................

  2. :(

    While I like winter I don't think I've been this sad about it's passing before. It was a particularly fun one for riding. Lots of snow, especially toward the end.

    I don't think I've ever had so much fun. Plus I found someone crazy enough to snow ride with me which definitely adds to the fun.

    Winter's end is probably all for the best though because I don't think my cyclocross drivetrain could take any more.

    Every bit of the drivetrain needs replacing including chain, cogset, three chainrings, rear hub, even hairline cracks in the rim.

    Granted some of this has been a long time coming. I.e. hub and chainrings are original equipment.

    It's TLC time for the old cross check. I need to pay back a little of the love it's given me. It could use a repaint in fact, and I may just do that.

    Some might start to think about replacing the frame, but I must admit I get very attached to bikes that I've spent so many hours on.

    Is time to start getting it ready for Trans Wisconsin. :)

    The only part of the drivetrain that has held up is the BB (and of course the cranks). I love the XT groupo. Splined (octalink) has been good to me.

    It occurs to me I don't think I've ever had a BB last so long. I think it's original with the cranks. 2001'ish? Granted I used it mostly for mountain biking and *only* put about 5-6k on it since it's been on my Cross, but still.. I've not gotten that out of anything else.

    If there's one thing I've learned that's suprised me it's that road riding is harder gear then off-roading. It's the sheer amount of miles / revolutions. They take their toll.

    I bring this up because it's on my mind. Am currently battling a creaky bb on my Salsa. Ultegra Octalink.

    As mentioned elsewhere I'm in big need of a triple anyway and it just so happened an octalink Dura-ace!! triple crank presented itself. Though the price is a steal the big issue is wether outset bearings wouldn't last longer (though I've already toasted one set).

    Am currently reasearching the outset vs. splined bb durability issue... but I don't think I'll find much because there are not many people who are 250+ and ride 10k plus a year. For better or worse I am my own best gear tester.

    Anyway, in making sure I wasn't discounting the current creeky bb on my salsa prematurely I took it all apart yeterday and greased everything really well.

    No creak on the initial test ride but we shall certainly see if it creaks today when I will hopefully put 100 or more on it.