Saturday, November 21, 2009

Midwest Expo

Today I gave an hour long presentation "Introduction to Bikepacking" at the annual Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Adventure Expo. I used my experience training for and racing the Tour Divide as the conduit for the experience and shared the gear that I used and am using still.

A big Thank You to everyone that filled room 25 at the Humphrey Center! This was the first time I've presented anything like this and I was pleasantly surprised by the attendance and participation. I'm thankful that we have such a great outdoors community here in the city. Midwest does an incredible job building and serving this community.

For those that came to see me speak, I'd like your feedback! What worked? What didn't? What could I have done more/less of? I can take it, give it to me straight. I want and need to hear(read) it.

Finally, what questions did you have that didn't get answered? Let's keep this an ongoing discussion. If there is enough interest, I'll do a series of posts to answer those questions.

Otherwise, get out and ride!


  1. I personally thought that the presentation was great. I liked that it was not a slide show of the tour divide trip (I can see that on your website) but highlighted your entire gear set up and the ins and outs of how it worked. It was obvious fromm the look of the crowd that not everyone there was an ultra light bikepacker so I thought you did a good job of providing general bike camping tips that cross over to other areas of camping, as well as feeding the geeks like myself very useful knowledge.

    Here are some questions I still have to get the ball rolling (mostly related to the divide).

    I have noticed that a lot of people do the race in groups, how does the no drafting rule play out in real life? is it hard at times?

    How much night riding did you do on the divide? Every night? was it common for most people to ride at night, and is a small headlamp like the princeton tec mentioned about what others took too?

    is a guy like mathew lee simply faster than everybody (was he pulling away from the get go of the race), or does he simply pack more riding hours into each day? Im trying to get an idea of what the top guys (yourself included) do. Do you wake up with a goal to get x amount of hours in each day, or x amount of miles, or do you just go and see where you end up? Did you eat at a diner/ restaurant nearly every day?

    what wheels did you run? im curious because after that many hard miles they still were true...pretty amazing. where they from handspun?

    and lastly, for us geeks, would it be possible to post that gear spreadsheat you had a slide of today? ( i realize for some this is top secret password protected info so i understand if you dont want to.)

    Wow, that was more questions than I realized. Thanks again for presenting at the expo.

  2. I was the guy in the center front row taking pictures with my cell phone. I thought that you did a great job! Thanks for taking the time to put together and give your presentation.

  3. You mentioned doing the Arrowhead Ultra during your talk. You might want to get your entry in ASAP. Pierre reopened registration last week.

  4. Hey, cool. I think my parents might have been there! I've been thinking about doing something like this at the REI here in Boulder...sounds like you had plenty of interest. Nice work!

  5. Hey Joe,

    I've been following the blog and (like others) interested in your set up. You often talk about having coffee on the trail. I have yet to find a decent method with the one pot. Care to share?