Sunday, November 8, 2009

An excerpt

I started writing this months ago. I came across it today and thought it both informative and humorous. Perhaps you had to be there for the humor part...


The rain ricocheted off the roof of the garage at Red Lake Wildlife Refuge that I called home that night. I bedded down on top of rolled out fiberglass insulation after washing my bike and gear of the mud that stopped me in my tracks at the village of Lakeview. Dinner consisted off gas station fair; Chocolate muffins (600 calories), Frito’s (3200 calories per family size bag), and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (300 calories). I rationed another muffin and a few chips for breakfast, enough to make the 30 miles to Mack’s Inn.

Sleep was heavy and comfortable that night. I woke to the sound of rain on the roof in the early morning. Needing to urinate and not wanting to o outside I grabbed my empty water bottle for a latrine. Feeling guilty, but knowing the road would be a crunchy peanut butter consistency, I climbed back into my bag for another hour of sleep. Just before 6am I woke to first light, ate my rationed breakfast, and packed my gear. The park ranger’s light was on, so I meandered over to thank him for a roof over my head. I never got his name before hitting the road for Idaho. Trail Magic.

1 comment:

  1. a) Northern MN. What trip was this?

    b) you used a fiberglass insulation pad??? How'd tat work??!? Do tell!

    c)Choco muffin and an entire bag of fritos. You're eating habits are pretty bad dude... Then again I would give my knowlege of endurance nutrition a C at best... so perhaps you can clue me in?

    d) WB as latrine... in bivy? Oye. Still not prepared to go there.

    e)SOunds like winter... fiberglass insulation... but rain... freezing rain?