Tuesday, February 24, 2009


For the past four years of my tenure in the Bike Industry I have been traveling to places far east where nearly all bicycle product consumed on this earth is produced, Taiwan and Mainland China. For those four years I have been carrying a camera with me, dutifully capturing photos of product in process to relay to brand and product manager's. Much like the "in-process" photos that are seen posted of an American Craft Builders work these photos excite and provide insight into how stuff is made. As I work more in this Industry and put more projects under my belt I continue to be excited by the in-process product. However in my last few trips I have been more intentional of not only catching the product, but also the machinery and tools that are used to create it. I've gathered a few of my favorite photos from these trips. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Very cool. Love those stainless steel dropouts for the Fargo.

  2. Thanks Capt. I know you've got your eyes on a Selma, but you should have a Fargo as well...

  3. I wish I have the funds. After the Selma, the Fargo is first on my lust list.