Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It seems I may have developed a reputation...

At least with one individual. I met Charlie Farrow battling 30+ mph winds during TransIowa V4 in 2008. I took his wheel, he took mine as we rode with the 10+ others in the lead group throughout the 85+ miles that we rode together prior to my mechanical mishap(More on this mistake another day).

Photo Courtesy of Captain Bob

I stumbled across this blurb on his site in the right hand column:

Evolving Short List of eccentrics, charismatics, etc. being considered for THE '08 LIST....
  • A. It is every riders dream to make THE LIST...In an effort to give hope to some, the author of THE LIST has decided to keep a running working draft of those that are being considered for the 2008 List. Of course, there are absolutely no guarantees:
  • B. Consideration of several 2008 Arrowhead racers including Dave Pramann (another record breaking performance); Greg Patterson, Don Gabielson, Dave Gray
  • C. Although the Trans-Iowa Race was significantly shortened due to impassable roads, the performance of Joe[Edit-John] Gorilla certainly rasied a few eye brows!!!
  • D. Joe Meiser tough rider with a propensity to blow out rear wheels...strong efforts in both Trans-Iowa and Almanzo 100 puts him on the short list...
I don't know exactly what it means to be on "The List". I hope there's a prize! Perhaps it is just the honor of riding with Charlie?

I should add that yes in 2008 I did have a propensity to blow out rear wheels...Two of them to be exact. I'm willing to admit it, historically I have had a propensity to blow out rear wheels and wheels in general. To some extent that has subsided a bit as I've become a better cyclist, but in general light wheels and my 200+ pound frame don't exactly mix. I've made some changes to the gear list, specifically in the "Wheels" department in 2009 that should help this problem.

A couple of short weeks after TransIowa V4 we took the line together at the Almanzo 100 in Rochester, MN. Charlie's a character to share the least. I look forward to riding with him in 2009 at TransIowa and Almanzo and wish him the best of luck in the Arrowhead Ultra in February.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Something New in 2009 or, Let's get this rolling.

I've been thinking about this for awhile and thought I might try my hand at it. So here it is...I now have a blog. I'm late to the "game," way late, but hey this isn't a competition. It's a conduit for friends, family, and acquaintances old and new.

Just over four years ago I moved to Minneapolis for a Design job with the largest distributor of bicycle components in the world. Some of you may say "What's a designer doing working at a distribution business?" Others know that said distributor is home to a number of brands (I'm biased here) that produce fantastic products.

I've ridden bicycles all my life, but the last four years have all added up to an incredible experience that keeps unfolding. I've had opportunities to meet some of the most genuine people, visit some spectacular places, and expand myself both personally and professionally. I'm looking forward to sharing these experiences and I hope you'll come along to see how this thing unfolds. I know I'm looking forward to it.